Severnside Festival 2024 Booking Form and Information

Severnside Festival – Stallholders Info and Booking Form

    Our Annual Festival will be on the second Saturday in July, at Promenade Gardens,
    Beach Rd, Severn Beach, BS35 4PQ. The public will not be charged to enter, as the
    aim is for a ‘fun and free’ event, so we need to meet all our costs from donations
    and sponsorship.

    Organisations and businesses from the Severnside area are invited to take part to
    promote what they do. Offers to run an aspect of the event or simply put up a
    display stand are all welcome. All stalls and stands must be pre-booked.

    A deposit of £25 is required, which is refundable at the end of the day for charity
    groups and non-profit organisations (ie no refund if you don’t attend and stay til at
    least 6pm.). This is to encourage sole traders, but avoid previous years’ experience
    of people saying they are coming and then not turning up. Businesses that do well
    on the day will be asked for a donation from their proceeds to contribute to the cost
    of the bands and the numerous overheads. Each space allocation will be approx 3m
    wide, enough for a standard gazebo. If you want more space, just say what you will
    need on your form. Please return the booking form by 20th June – or get in touch.

    Do bring everything you need for your stall, eg a gazebo, tables/stands etc. and as
    much bunting and as many flags as you can lay your hands on.
    You will be responsible for your pitch, and you must do your own risk assessment.
    Please pay particular attention to securing your gazebo and displays to the ground,
    ensuring that nothing creates a trip hazard(if it’s windy heavy weights are better
    than pins).

    For public safety, no vehicle movement will be allowed during the event. Stallholder
    access, will be via the allotment gate(BS35 4PF) from 1pm (a vehicle pass will be
    emailed to you at the end of June). After unloading, you must move your vehicle to
    the designated parking area, well before the official ‘opening’ time of 3.00pm. A
    separate ‘forward’ parking area will be provided for musicians and performers, under the
    control of the stage managers. Limited public parking(£5), and blue badge parking, will be
    available via the Tea Cottage entrance.

    Please, keep your stall open as long as you wish, but don’t pack away before
    7pm, or at the very earliest 6pm. Music and live bands will be playing until dusk,
    so anyone packing up early gives the impression that ‘the party is over’, when it
    certainly won’t be.!

    When you pack-up, please collect any litter that is around your pitch and take it
    back to your own bin at home. That will be enormously helpful.

    Bristol Ambulance first aiders will be in attendance, so if anyone is unwell, please
    alert them (or one of our stewards wearing hi-vis). If you, or any of your team is a
    trained First Aider, please let us have a note their name.

    Further info, please go to: or tel: 01454 632764
    Publicity/sponsorship enquiries, please email: